Hi! My name is Alek Panfilow and I'm composting artist, motion designer and art director.

Due to wide knowledge in compositing, motion design, film and animation I create everything from scratch myself or gather and lead team of talented artists.
I work mostly for advertising, tv and large scale events. In past years I directed, designed and supervised a bunch of animations and adverts for brands like: Sephora, Play, TVP2, TVP Kultura, TP S.A., Plus GSM, AXA Direct to name few. 
I've also worked for studio/agency like: Human-Ark, Panoptiqum, K2 Sp. z o.o., Change, Havas WW, Konarska-Konarski.
Feel free to contact me
here - via behance messages

by email:   kosmos@zond5.pl
or call me on Skype:   alekpanfilov